Tile and Natural Stone

Pino Napoli Tile & Granite offers an extensive line of porcelain and natural stone tile for flooring.

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Decorative Wall Tiles & Mosaics

Our designer showrooms feature over 5,000 options for backsplashes including glass, water-jet, marble, porcelain, and stone tiles and mosaics. View More

Wood, Vinyl, Cork Flooring

Wood, Vinyl, and Cork are all great flooring materials and each has its own benefits, depending on how you want your home to look..

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Porcelain, Quartz, Marble, Quartzite and Granite Countertops

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Pino Napoli is your one stop shop from selection to installation.

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Our Showrooms

Our 6,000+ square feet showrooms are filled with the latest and hottest products on the market. From Modern to Traditional, there's something to suit every taste and budget! View More

Porcelain, Quartz, Marble, Quartzite and Granite Countertops – Visit our designer showrooms in Delray Beach and Pompano Beach.

Choose from our vast array of countertop colors and styles. We’ll help give your kitchen or bathroom the gorgeous look it deserves. We are committed to the highest quality of workmanship, offering supreme service and exceptional quality.

Granite Countertops are durable, easy to maintain and beautiful which explains why its the most popular natural countertop surface for kitchens and bathrooms in the U.S. Granite comes in a wide range of colors including the very popular black granite.

Marble Countertops are considered to be an elegant option for your home. Like granite it’s somewhat porous and needs to be sealed to prevent staining. The main difference between marble and granite is their appearance and generally it’s a matter of personal taste that will help you decide between the two. Another consideration is the relatively high cost of Marble. The staff at Pino Tile & Marble will help you make the best countertop decision for your situation.

Quartz Countertops are engineered in a factory from ground quartz and resins that make them nonporous so they never have to be sealed. This makes quartz countertops highly stain and scratch resistant. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of colors including color variations and patterns that give you the natural look of stone.