Pino Napoli Tile & Granite offers an extensive line of marble, porcelain tile, ceramic tile and wood for flooring. Our extensive selection is available in a variety of sizes, textures, patterns and colors, from traditional to contemporary. We have the right flooring choice and design flair to suit your lifestyle, from high end natural stone marble to a maintenance free porcelain.


Marble Flooring

The ultimate choice for upscale homes and commercial buildings. Marble’s natural beauty can turn any room into a work of art and is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and lobbies.


Porcelain & Ceramic Floor Tiles

Known to be very durable and maintenance free, Porcelain, much like marble is great for any room including kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic Floor Tiles provide an affordable flooring option with a vast array of choices in textures and colors to expand your design possibilities.



Wood has been a flooring favorite for centuries. The variety of woods readily available enable homeowners to find a color and texture that fits the décor of each individual room. From light, thinly grained varieties, to dark, knotted slats, wooden floors easily match almost every taste. With improved sealants, it’s possible to keep your wooden floors looking scratch-free and beautiful for decades to come.




Laminate is a low cost alternative that can give any room the appearance of hardwood floors, without the cost or maintenance often needed for real wood. Made out of harder materials that are more difficult to damage and designed to look just like the real thing, laminate is a great choice for someone who is wary of paying for real wood, only to have it damaged by children or pets.



Cork is a unique flooring material with a variety of different styles and colors available. In addition to being considered environmentally friendly, it’s also just as versatile as wood or laminate. Cork is more resilient in high traffic areas and because of how it’s made: it’s better cushioned than hardwood or laminate. This makes it the ideal choice for those who want a floor that’s easy to clean, but don’t want flooring that’s hard on their feet and knees.


Once you’ve made your flooring decision, Pino Napoli Tile & Granite will professionally install your Wood, Laminate or Cork flooring in your home or business.