Tub Decks in Pompano Beach

See our selection of Marble, Granite and Quartz for your Bathroom Tub Deck

Pino Napoli Tile & Granite has everything you need in one location for granite, marble and quartz tub deck fabrication and installation. We make it easy for you to plan your tub deck project so that it fits with your overall design.

Tub Deck Design

See one of our professional designers and put together your tub deck design.

Slab Yard

Choose your granite, marble or quartz slab from our onsite slab yard with over 100′ colors in stock. You may choose from our selection of Remnants or use the slabs used for the rest of your bathroom project.


We go to your home or business and build a template for the tub deck area that will go over your actual slab so you can see how it will be cut. Our customers really like the ability to to see what portion of the slab will be used for their surface.

Fabrication and Installation

We have earned a reputation for superior craftsmanship.

Edge Options

Common edges include Flat, Bevel, Full Bullnose, Half Bullnose, Ogee and Dupont.